Format : It Ain’t So Awful Falafel
Series : NA
Pub Date : December 12th 2016
Read Date : December 15th 2016

I loved this book. I laughed a lot, it had its sad moments too.

It’s the life of a normal immigrant middle-schooler and challenges she faces like when she has to play translator role for her parents, or when she is the new kid at school and tries to melt in. At the same time it tells the story of my home country in a period that changed everything for it and us(the people).

When revolution happens in Iran, US and Iran relations were ruined forever and it shows how it affected normal people’s lives. Although this books is about almost 40 years ago it can relate to today’s world too. With all conflicts going on all over the world and so many people far from their country by choice or by force.

About the writer :


At the age of seven, Dumas and her family moved to California. She later moved back to Iran and lived in Tehran and Ahvaz. However, she once again immigrated to the United States; first to Whittier, then to Newport Beach,California. She began to write and submit essays to obtain money to go toward college. (Wikipedia)


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