Carry On


Format : Print
Series : NA
Pub Date : November 5th 2015
Read Date : November 8th 2015

Carry On is my third book from Rainbow Rowell. She is such a natural in storytelling. Plot flows so easily you cannot put the book down and always want to continue.

This book is a fantasy with the touch of romance. Everyone says Simon Snow is the chosen one but in the eyes of his roommate Baz, he is the worst possible choice. Simon doesn’t show any great talent in magic and most of the time his wand is useless in his hands. Baz on the other hand is brilliant but he is evil and a vampire, most of the school doesn’t know though.
In any possible chance they get they fight or even try to kill each other, so fun. But when Simon’s girlfriend breaks up with him and Baz doesn’t show up for school on their senior year. Simon and his best friend Penelope look for clues to find out where he is. When Baz finally shows up something is wrong …
This book is about friendship, trust, suspicion, evil forces, magic and lots of other things. Love is a must in all Rowell stories and like all her previous books she make it so likable in this book that you enjoy every piece of it.

About the author :

Rainbow Rowell (born February 24, 1973) is an American author of young adult and adult contemporary novels. Her young adult novels Eleanor and Park (2013), Fangirl (2013) and Carry On (2015) have been subjects of critical acclaim.(Source : Wikipedia)

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Format : It Ain’t So Awful Falafel
Series : NA
Pub Date : December 12th 2016
Read Date : December 15th 2016

I loved this book. I laughed a lot, it had its sad moments too.

It’s the life of a normal immigrant middle-schooler and challenges she faces like when she has to play translator role for her parents, or when she is the new kid at school and tries to melt in. At the same time it tells the story of my home country in a period that changed everything for it and us(the people).

When revolution happens in Iran, US and Iran relations were ruined forever and it shows how it affected normal people’s lives. Although this books is about almost 40 years ago it can relate to today’s world too. With all conflicts going on all over the world and so many people far from their country by choice or by force.

About the writer :


At the age of seven, Dumas and her family moved to California. She later moved back to Iran and lived in Tehran and Ahvaz. However, she once again immigrated to the United States; first to Whittier, then to Newport Beach,California. She began to write and submit essays to obtain money to go toward college. (Wikipedia)

The Apothecary

The Apothecary

Format : Audio Book
Series : The Apothecary
Pub Date : December 21th 2016
Read Date : December 28th 2016

I really liked this middle grade adventure story. The writing style is very good and story is promising enough. Its actual audiences are young adults but I think anybody who likes magic and adventure can enjoy this book.

It’s 1952 and Janie is a 14-years-old American girl living with her parents in California. As her parents become suspected as “Communists”, they decide to move to London and work for BBC. Janie doesn’t like this change in her life and starts her new school skeptically. She meets Benjamin there, a strong boy who is not afraid of telling his opinion. They soon become friends and when Benjamin’s father disappears they start a journey to find him and also keep a very important book away from Russian spies.

This book is not only about adventure but friendship and love too. I liked mixture of spy thriller with magic and everything else.

Ladies Man


Format : Audio Book
Series : Manwhore
Pub Date :April 26th 2016
Read Date : December 28th 2016

This books is the third in a very good adult romance series written by Katy Evans. Evan’s writing is addictive and easy to follow. I read previous two books in one or two days and this one wasn’t an exception and I loved it way more than those two.

This books is about Rachel’s friend Regina ‘Gina’ and Saint’s playboy friend Tahoe. After being cheated by her longtime boyfriend Paul, Gina doesn’t trust any other man and doesn’t want to start a relationship. Tahoe is ladies’ man and always has more than one blonde by his side. Gina starts to develop feelings for this guy friend of hers and when Tahoe rejects her offer of one night stand on his birthday, she ends up leaving with another guest and eventually start dating new guy : Trent. When their relationship moves forward Gina get confused by her still growing passion toward Tahoe and his misleading behavior, on the other hand Trent starts to ask her to change slightly, eventually Gina realizes she doesn’t need a relationship if it means she cannot be herself… so they take a break and now Gina and Tahoe should decide if they can be more than just friends with undeniable attraction between them…

What I loved about this books is Geena’s self-realization that she shouldn’t be forced to change herself in order to be loved. It doesn’t matter that the other guy is a good guy, she deserves to be loved as she is.