Format : Print
Series : Outer Earth
Pub Date : July 16th, 2015
Read Date : January 07th, 2017

Tracer is a space post-apocalyptic thriller. Earth has been uninhabitable for centuries now and people live in a space station called Outer Earth.

Riley Hales is one of Tracers. They are unofficial couriers who deliver packages not caring about contents. She is one of the most reliable tracers. One day, she is on her way to deliver a package to Oren Darnell, Outer Earth’s most dangerous man, when she is suddenly attacked by a group of gang members. When one of the gang member take a look at what is in the package they all suddenly disappear, Riley cannot help herself and look at the contents too and in doing so she ends up trying to save Outer Earth’s people from Oren Darnell a maniac.

I am really conflicted to rate this book. The plot was good and story was typical appealing space thriller but there was too much action. Too much happens in the book which causes confusion and boredom. Some of the chapters are written very well but flaws are here and there. There are pieces that seems out of place. Overall this was an OK read.

Thanks the writer for providing a copy.


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