An Invisible Thread: The True Story of an 11-Year-Old Panhandler, a Busy Sales Executive, and an Unlikely Meeting with Destiny


Format : Audio
Series : N/A
Pub Date : November 1st, 2010
Read Date : February 27, 2017

If you make me lunch,” he said, “will you put it in a brown paper bag?…Because when I see kids come to school with their lunch in a paper bag, that means that someone cares about them. Miss Laura, can I please have my lunch in a paper bag?

I just finished this exceptional story. Living in Toronto now I don’t see any child panhandler but based on my previous experience outside of country I know it’s very easy to just ignore them and continue wherever we go.

In this beautiful book Laura Schroff, tells how one day she didn’t ignore one small boy asking for a change. Actually at first she did but she turned around a few step ahead and instead of giving money she offered the boy to take him to was start of a beautiful and lasting friendship between two unlikely people.

I liked how this friendship changed their lives in so many ways. I also liked that Laura didn’t just talk about how all her work was great and showed her mistakes too. The wrong choices she made toward herself or even sometimes Maurice.

Yet I believed then and I believe now that there is something in the universe that brings people who need each other together. There is something that helps two wildly disparate people somehow forge a bond. Maybe it is precisely the thing that haunts us most that makes us reach out to others we think can provide some solace


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