Three Years With The Rat


Format : Paper
Series : N/A
Pub Date : February 2, 2017
Read Date : August 9th, 2016

This is what I call a delicious read.A Sci mystery, twists, conflicts and self-arguments. This book is full of them.

Story is about a young brother who comes back to the city after some years and start hanging out with his sister, her boyfriend and their friends. His sister goes missing one day and after a year the boyfriend goes missing too. To try to search and find these two the young brother steps in the crazy path those two already passed through.

Never in the story have learn about the young brother name despite the fact that he is the main character. He’s always called by names given to him by others Danger,Little Brother,Scruffy and it seems that actually he is being shaped by others. Always looking up to his sister he is confused when she disappears. As he proceed in solving the mystery of their research and disappearance he finds himself too.

Totally recommended if you enjoy mental games.

About The Author :

Jay Hosking obtained his neuroscience Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia, teaching rats how to gamble and studying the neurobiological basis of choice.

At the same time, he also completed a creative writing M.F.A. His short stories have appeared in The Dalhousie Review and Little Fiction, been long-listed for the CBC Canada Writes short story competition, and received an editor’s special mention in the Pushcart Prize anthology.

He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University, where he researches decision-making and the human brain. The author lives in Vancouver, B.C. (Source: GoodReads)


The Girl Before


Format : Print
Series : N/A
Pub Date : January 24th, 2017
Read Date : February 24th, 2017

Ok, if I want to describe this book I can say it is intriguing,strange,sometimes creepy but in general a fun read.It caught my attention almost from the beginning to end.

It’s about a strange house and two female tenants. Emma lived at One Folgate Street in the past and ended up dead in a tragic way and now Jane is living there.The book alternates between lives of these women.We see how both of them take similar steps, each one trying to prevent what happened before.

Sometimes I was surprised with the turn of story and it kept me reading more and more.If you enjoy thriller story I’d recommend this book.