The Well of Ascension


Format : Audio
Series : Mistborn
Pub Date : August 21st, 2007
Read Date : October 26th, 2017

I’m not sure how to review this book. I can say I liked the first one a lot more but still the lat quarter of this book I enjoyed very much too.

So the Lord Ruler is gone and Elend is the king of Luthadel. City is under siege by two armies, Elend’s father Straff Venture and Ashweather Cett. Cett is not interested in Luthadel but its ATM and of course he doesn’t know that Elend and his crew (Kelsier’s old crew) could not find Lord Ruler’s ATM.
Straff think the city is his and he should be the king or even emperor.

In all the chaos Vin is the sole person that can protect Elend. She is the actual reason why neither of armies attack Luthadel. Her reputation as most powerful Mistborn who was trained by the survivor himself frightens almost everyone off.

During an attack from Seth assassins another Mistborn helps Vin to defeat them. This Mistborn turns out to be Straff’s Mistborn Zane which is Elend’s half brother. Zane is inetersted in Vin and she starts to see him as a friend or more…

There isn’t much action in this book but politics and character development. I really liked how Sazed role was growing through the book and to my surprise I liked the Kandra. I can’t say much about Vin but her character’s reasonable enough for her story, how she is hesitant between Zane and Elend. How she trust her instincts…

I’ll wait to read the third book and then might change some of my opinions.


The Final Empire


Format : Audio
Series : Mistborn
Pub Date : July 25th, 2006
Read Date : June 6, 2017

This is my first read of Sanderson’s books. Most of my friends are big fans of his work and one in particular recommended the Mistborn to me more than once, so I decided to go for it finally and I can say I loved it.

When there is so much talk about a book you will have high expectations from it and I’m happy it fulfilled all of them.

The world of Final Empire is a dark world, there are two groups of people. Nobles and Skaas and there is a god like figure who governs the world, Lord Ruler a merciless ruler. Skaas are slaves and Nobles treat them with cruelty. Until one day a trouble maker a half Noble half Skaa starts a rebellion. Kelsier is what they called Mistborn, he can burn metals and use them as fuel to his magic. Only Nobels can be Mistborns but once in a while there are some between Skaas. He is charismatic and caring. They say it is rare to see a Mistborn between Skaas, what will you do if you find another?

Vin thinks she is an ordinary thug with a luck, she can influence people with her luck. She just tries to stay alive in cruel underground of Luthadel, until she is discovered by Kelsier. She finds out that she is a Mistborn and becomes part of Kelsier’s crew to end the Lord Ruler’s Era.
I really liked the characters, all of them. They’ve been shaped so each one of them affects the story. They are all visible through the lines. We have Kelsier and Vin in the centre and then all the others but all of them are important and very compelling. Beside Vin and Kelsier I specifically liked Ham and Sazed.Both with their own mysteries and minds, probably Sazed more.

I listened to the audio book version narrated by Michael Kramer and he’s done as perfect as always.Totally recommended.