The Well of Ascension


Format : Audio
Series : Mistborn
Pub Date : August 21st, 2007
Read Date : October 26th, 2017

I’m not sure how to review this book. I can say I liked the first one a lot more but still the lat quarter of this book I enjoyed very much too.

So the Lord Ruler is gone and Elend is the king of Luthadel. City is under siege by two armies, Elend’s father Straff Venture and Ashweather Cett. Cett is not interested in Luthadel but its ATM and of course he doesn’t know that Elend and his crew (Kelsier’s old crew) could not find Lord Ruler’s ATM.
Straff think the city is his and he should be the king or even emperor.

In all the chaos Vin is the sole person that can protect Elend. She is the actual reason why neither of armies attack Luthadel. Her reputation as most powerful Mistborn who was trained by the survivor himself frightens almost everyone off.

During an attack from Seth assassins another Mistborn helps Vin to defeat them. This Mistborn turns out to be Straff’s Mistborn Zane which is Elend’s half brother. Zane is inetersted in Vin and she starts to see him as a friend or more…

There isn’t much action in this book but politics and character development. I really liked how Sazed role was growing through the book and to my surprise I liked the Kandra. I can’t say much about Vin but her character’s reasonable enough for her story, how she is hesitant between Zane and Elend. How she trust her instincts…

I’ll wait to read the third book and then might change some of my opinions.


If I was your girl


Format : Audio
Series : N/A
Pub Date : March3rd, 2016
Read Date : October 9th, 2017

I picked this book as part of my Read Harder Challenge 2017 and liked it. The story is about Amanda a trans teenager leaving her city to start over with her dad in a new school.

She finds new friends which like her and start to like a boy in her new school. she is still afraid to tell them about her past and her experience.

what I liked about this book was that it doesn’t picture only struggles but Amanda’s life as a normal teenage girl. The story is both heart aching and heart warming as she faces difficulties and at the same time receives loves and acceptance from her friends and family.

Norse Mythology


Format : Audio
Series : N/A
Pub Date : February 7th, 2017
Read Date : July 6, 2017
Narrator : Neil Gaiman

I’ve always liked North folklore with their gods and worlds, so it’s not a surprise I liked this book.
North Mythology consists of short stories. We have Loki, Thor and Odin in most of them but also many of other gods, names that I personally didn’t know much about.
Loki has been always one of my favorite gods with all his trickery and slyness and again in this book Gaiman has him at his best. Thor is made fun of many times in the stories and I couldn’t help myself not to laugh and enjoy it when he was pushed to unwanted situations either by his own foolishness or by Loki’s lies.
My favorite stories are
-Freya’s unusual wedding (Thor is being convinced to dress up as a bride to take back his hammer)
– Thor’s Journey to the Land of the Giants (Thor makes a fool of himself by agreeing to compete way over his power)

PS: I listened to the audio book narrated by Gaiman himself and he was exceptional!

The Final Empire


Format : Audio
Series : Mistborn
Pub Date : July 25th, 2006
Read Date : June 6, 2017

This is my first read of Sanderson’s books. Most of my friends are big fans of his work and one in particular recommended the Mistborn to me more than once, so I decided to go for it finally and I can say I loved it.

When there is so much talk about a book you will have high expectations from it and I’m happy it fulfilled all of them.

The world of Final Empire is a dark world, there are two groups of people. Nobles and Skaas and there is a god like figure who governs the world, Lord Ruler a merciless ruler. Skaas are slaves and Nobles treat them with cruelty. Until one day a trouble maker a half Noble half Skaa starts a rebellion. Kelsier is what they called Mistborn, he can burn metals and use them as fuel to his magic. Only Nobels can be Mistborns but once in a while there are some between Skaas. He is charismatic and caring. They say it is rare to see a Mistborn between Skaas, what will you do if you find another?

Vin thinks she is an ordinary thug with a luck, she can influence people with her luck. She just tries to stay alive in cruel underground of Luthadel, until she is discovered by Kelsier. She finds out that she is a Mistborn and becomes part of Kelsier’s crew to end the Lord Ruler’s Era.
I really liked the characters, all of them. They’ve been shaped so each one of them affects the story. They are all visible through the lines. We have Kelsier and Vin in the centre and then all the others but all of them are important and very compelling. Beside Vin and Kelsier I specifically liked Ham and Sazed.Both with their own mysteries and minds, probably Sazed more.

I listened to the audio book version narrated by Michael Kramer and he’s done as perfect as always.Totally recommended.


The Great Hunt

Format : Audio
Series : Wheel of Time
Pub Date : October 15th, 1991
Read Date : May 27th, 2017
Well, it now starts to come together. Boo one was a little bit boring and confusing for my liking but to my surprise I didn’t find it long. It is very rare that I enjoy a book longer than 500 pages but recently it happened more than once, not sure if it’s me or the books. Kidding, for sure it’s the good books.

The story begins right where the first book finished.Rand accompanies his two friend along with a Shienarian army to retrieve the horn from dark friends. Nynaeve and Egwene are going to White Tower to become Aye Sedai. Rand is struggling with his faith but he forces to channel.
I can’t decide yet what I make out of Rand, for sure he is not a strong main character. So much doubt, so much fear, and still confused about too many things, not only him.But then I think maybe that’s how it should be. To see him grow and become he needs to be, should be. I’ll wait to see what’s happening in next books, it’s just the beginning I guess.
My most favorite character of book two is Nynaeve, doing everything she can to help her friends from two river. Looks like she sees herself still as their Wisdom and don’t want to give up on them. She is the voice of wisdom so many times when Egwene is all energy, excitement and worry about Rand.

Soon I’ll start the third book and I’m sure will be more confused by many new characters. Hell, why there are so many already? How many more are going to be added in next 12 books?

P.S : I listened to the audio book, narrated by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading, both are amazing. I’m now listening to Mist Born (Final Empire) again narrated by Michael Kramer, not sure how I’m going to get used to not so good audio books again.

The Apothecary

The Apothecary

Format : Audio Book
Series : The Apothecary
Pub Date : December 21th 2016
Read Date : December 28th 2016

I really liked this middle grade adventure story. The writing style is very good and story is promising enough. Its actual audiences are young adults but I think anybody who likes magic and adventure can enjoy this book.

It’s 1952 and Janie is a 14-years-old American girl living with her parents in California. As her parents become suspected as “Communists”, they decide to move to London and work for BBC. Janie doesn’t like this change in her life and starts her new school skeptically. She meets Benjamin there, a strong boy who is not afraid of telling his opinion. They soon become friends and when Benjamin’s father disappears they start a journey to find him and also keep a very important book away from Russian spies.

This book is not only about adventure but friendship and love too. I liked mixture of spy thriller with magic and everything else.

Ladies Man


Format : Audio Book
Series : Manwhore
Pub Date :April 26th 2016
Read Date : December 28th 2016

This books is the third in a very good adult romance series written by Katy Evans. Evan’s writing is addictive and easy to follow. I read previous two books in one or two days and this one wasn’t an exception and I loved it way more than those two.

This books is about Rachel’s friend Regina ‘Gina’ and Saint’s playboy friend Tahoe. After being cheated by her longtime boyfriend Paul, Gina doesn’t trust any other man and doesn’t want to start a relationship. Tahoe is ladies’ man and always has more than one blonde by his side. Gina starts to develop feelings for this guy friend of hers and when Tahoe rejects her offer of one night stand on his birthday, she ends up leaving with another guest and eventually start dating new guy : Trent. When their relationship moves forward Gina get confused by her still growing passion toward Tahoe and his misleading behavior, on the other hand Trent starts to ask her to change slightly, eventually Gina realizes she doesn’t need a relationship if it means she cannot be herself… so they take a break and now Gina and Tahoe should decide if they can be more than just friends with undeniable attraction between them…

What I loved about this books is Geena’s self-realization that she shouldn’t be forced to change herself in order to be loved. It doesn’t matter that the other guy is a good guy, she deserves to be loved as she is.