Ladies Man


Format : Audio Book
Series : Manwhore
Pub Date :April 26th 2016
Read Date : December 28th 2016

This books is the third in a very good adult romance series written by Katy Evans. Evan’s writing is addictive and easy to follow. I read previous two books in one or two days and this one wasn’t an exception and I loved it way more than those two.

This books is about Rachel’s friend Regina ‘Gina’ and Saint’s playboy friend Tahoe. After being cheated by her longtime boyfriend Paul, Gina doesn’t trust any other man and doesn’t want to start a relationship. Tahoe is ladies’ man and always has more than one blonde by his side. Gina starts to develop feelings for this guy friend of hers and when Tahoe rejects her offer of one night stand on his birthday, she ends up leaving with another guest and eventually start dating new guy : Trent. When their relationship moves forward Gina get confused by her still growing passion toward Tahoe and his misleading behavior, on the other hand Trent starts to ask her to change slightly, eventually Gina realizes she doesn’t need a relationship if it means she cannot be herself… so they take a break and now Gina and Tahoe should decide if they can be more than just friends with undeniable attraction between them…

What I loved about this books is Geena’s self-realization that she shouldn’t be forced to change herself in order to be loved. It doesn’t matter that the other guy is a good guy, she deserves to be loved as she is.


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