The Memory Tree



Format : Ebbook
Series : N/A
Pub Date : March 30th, 2017
Read Date : March 29th, 2017

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an advance copy of this book.

It’s in our dreams that we pull people towards us.

The Memory Tree has four timelines and narratives. All of them connecting to each other through memory or first nations spiritual rituals.Part one starts with Alowa not remembering anything from her past.

“Look how beautiful the flames are, Alowa. Look how beautiful my naked body is, Alowa. Are you looking at my naked body? I’m dancing towards you.”

The only thing she remembers is a boy’s voice in his head asking her to look at the flames and sees him. She escapes UNICorp and meets Janitor a mysterious old man who knows her. With the help of him she starts to dream and knows about Solstice, the boy she hears. It’s kind of a spiritual journey for Alowa and Solstice.

Part two is nowadays world in London. Zinnia has lost his father and her son Felix is being bullied in the school. She also fears that her husband is cheating on her. To run away from all misery she decided to have a trip to Italy to also knows more about her roots having a Jewish grandmother who herself is a daughter of a Indian. The only guide she has is a man named Max. She is trying to find him.
Part three is from view of Max. How he fell in love with Ada the Jewish girl, and how he was twisted into games of Nazis.
The final part is about ghost dance, people who have been killed and those who tried to flee. It connects all three previous parts and gives a clean ending to the book.
I found this book imaginative and liked it. It not an easy read though. Don’t get it to read it on a beach. It’s more like to be read in a quiet place absorbing it.

The Relic Guild



Format : Print
Series : The Relic Guild
Pub Date : September 18th, 2014
Read Date : April 3, 2015

It’s a really good debut fantasy book.I enjoyed the story and the way it is told. It shift continuously between now and past when everything was ruined.Edward Cox knows how to engage the reader with the story.

The relationship between current Relic Guild members is processed very good, Old man Sam Picky, young Clara unsure about her powers and a little confused in the new world she has been dragged into and Van Bam the wise, calm Resident of the Labrys town. oh villains… you hate them but at the same time admire them for their intelligence.Best of them angry and crazy Thaumaturgists.

About the author:

Edward Cox began writing stories at school as a way to pass time in boring lessons. It was a hobby he dabbled with until the late 80’s when he discovered the works of David Gemmell, which not only cemented his love of fantasy but also encouraged a hobby to become something much more serious.

Currently living in Essex with his wife and daughter, Edward is mostly surrounded by fine greenery and spiders the size of his hand. The Relic Guild is his first completed novel, and it is the result of more than ten years of obsessive writing.(Source : GoodReads )



The Girl Before


Format : Print
Series : N/A
Pub Date : January 24th, 2017
Read Date : February 24th, 2017

Ok, if I want to describe this book I can say it is intriguing,strange,sometimes creepy but in general a fun read.It caught my attention almost from the beginning to end.

It’s about a strange house and two female tenants. Emma lived at One Folgate Street in the past and ended up dead in a tragic way and now Jane is living there.The book alternates between lives of these women.We see how both of them take similar steps, each one trying to prevent what happened before.

Sometimes I was surprised with the turn of story and it kept me reading more and more.If you enjoy thriller story I’d recommend this book.

The Song Rising


Format : Ebook
Series : The Bone Season
Pub Date : March 7th, 2017
Read Date : January 24th, 2017

I’m grateful to NetGalley for providing me with an arc copy of this book.

Since the first book, Bone Season has become one my favorite series. In the world of writing Samantha Shannon is a natural. Her words flow on the pages and you cannot stop reading.

Third book starts after what happened in the second book. Scrimmage has ended and by defeating Jaxon, Paige is Underqueen. She selects Nick and Eliza as her mollishers and some of most loyal mime lords/queens as her commanders, but it’s extremely difficult to unite the London syndicate, there are many people in unnatural assembly who prefer Jaxon to replace her, despite the fact that Jaxon was behind lots of suffering voyants endured.

She also need to deal carefully with Ranthen, the Rephaite people who now work with humans to destroy Scion and Sargas. Rephaite’s leader Terebell is not fan of humankind specifically Paige, so she needs to prove herself.

Like its two previous book, this one is full of twists and actions too. So many dangerous moments happening in a few pages plot and somehow you buy it. It’s not hard to connect to what happens in this book.

Everything becomes even more complicated when the most vicious commander in whole Scion comes to London for the sole reason of destroying the Mime Order, Hilliard Vance. She is an excellent mind reader and uses everything to achieve what she wants. She has no conscious and knows Paige too well.

I really like Paige character, she is what a 19th years old in her situation is. Not too perfect, not too weak. Full of excitement, rage and even ambitious sometimes. She does her own mistakes but doesn’t quit until she finds a way out of it. Her relationship with Warden is reasonable and her decisions toward this relationship is what expected of her. Supporting characters like Nick, Maria, Tom and others have a believable and steady appearance through the story and helps carry the weight of the plot well.

I really enjoyed this book, and really I can’t wait to read the next book.

About the author:

Shannon was born in Hammersmith, London in November 1991 and grew up in Ruislip.She first began writing at the age of fifteen, when she wrote her first novel, Aurora, which remains unpublished.Shannon attended and read English Language and Literature at St Anne’s College, Oxford, graduating from Oxford University in 2013.

In 2012 she signed a six-figure book deal with Bloomsbury Publishing, who bid following the London Book Fair, to publish the first three books in a seven-book series, beginning with The Bone Season.Set in 2059, the events of the novel take place in a London governed by a “security force” called Scion and an Oxford which has become a huge prison. Film rights to The Bone Season were optioned by Andy Serkis’s film company, The Imaginarium Studios, in November 2012. (source : wikipedia)






Format : Print
Series : Outer Earth
Pub Date : July 16th, 2015
Read Date : January 07th, 2017

Tracer is a space post-apocalyptic thriller. Earth has been uninhabitable for centuries now and people live in a space station called Outer Earth.

Riley Hales is one of Tracers. They are unofficial couriers who deliver packages not caring about contents. She is one of the most reliable tracers. One day, she is on her way to deliver a package to Oren Darnell, Outer Earth’s most dangerous man, when she is suddenly attacked by a group of gang members. When one of the gang member take a look at what is in the package they all suddenly disappear, Riley cannot help herself and look at the contents too and in doing so she ends up trying to save Outer Earth’s people from Oren Darnell a maniac.

I am really conflicted to rate this book. The plot was good and story was typical appealing space thriller but there was too much action. Too much happens in the book which causes confusion and boredom. Some of the chapters are written very well but flaws are here and there. There are pieces that seems out of place. Overall this was an OK read.

Thanks the writer for providing a copy.

Carry On


Format : Print
Series : NA
Pub Date : November 5th 2015
Read Date : November 8th 2015

Carry On is my third book from Rainbow Rowell. She is such a natural in storytelling. Plot flows so easily you cannot put the book down and always want to continue.

This book is a fantasy with the touch of romance. Everyone says Simon Snow is the chosen one but in the eyes of his roommate Baz, he is the worst possible choice. Simon doesn’t show any great talent in magic and most of the time his wand is useless in his hands. Baz on the other hand is brilliant but he is evil and a vampire, most of the school doesn’t know though.
In any possible chance they get they fight or even try to kill each other, so fun. But when Simon’s girlfriend breaks up with him and Baz doesn’t show up for school on their senior year. Simon and his best friend Penelope look for clues to find out where he is. When Baz finally shows up something is wrong …
This book is about friendship, trust, suspicion, evil forces, magic and lots of other things. Love is a must in all Rowell stories and like all her previous books she make it so likable in this book that you enjoy every piece of it.

About the author :

Rainbow Rowell (born February 24, 1973) is an American author of young adult and adult contemporary novels. Her young adult novels Eleanor and Park (2013), Fangirl (2013) and Carry On (2015) have been subjects of critical acclaim.(Source : Wikipedia)

Author’s Website :


Format : It Ain’t So Awful Falafel
Series : NA
Pub Date : December 12th 2016
Read Date : December 15th 2016

I loved this book. I laughed a lot, it had its sad moments too.

It’s the life of a normal immigrant middle-schooler and challenges she faces like when she has to play translator role for her parents, or when she is the new kid at school and tries to melt in. At the same time it tells the story of my home country in a period that changed everything for it and us(the people).

When revolution happens in Iran, US and Iran relations were ruined forever and it shows how it affected normal people’s lives. Although this books is about almost 40 years ago it can relate to today’s world too. With all conflicts going on all over the world and so many people far from their country by choice or by force.

About the writer :


At the age of seven, Dumas and her family moved to California. She later moved back to Iran and lived in Tehran and Ahvaz. However, she once again immigrated to the United States; first to Whittier, then to Newport Beach,California. She began to write and submit essays to obtain money to go toward college. (Wikipedia)